Press Coverage of PNAS 'YouAreWhatYouLike' Article

Kosinski, M., Stillwell, D.J & Graepel, T. (2013) Private traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior. Proc. of the National Academy of Sciences. [Link]

Our article about predicting personal traits from digital records of online behaviour - Facebook Likes - received a lot of media attention. Here was our press release. We encouraged people to go to to find out more about what their FB Likes say about them, and more than a quarter of a million people did in 5 days.


I interviewed on:
CNN, Canada AM, ITV Anglia News (full interview), Sky News, ITN N2K

Discussed our results:
BBC Click, Fox News, Bloomberg, Discovery News, NBC News


I interviewed on:
BBC World Business Report on the World Service, BBC Radio Cambridge, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Ulster, Naked Scientists, Voice of Russia UK, CKTB Radio Ontario.


NB: It's difficult for us to check print editions, so just because something isn't listed as in the print edition does not mean it was not there. Here is the Google News list of online articles, including:

BBC Online (on news homepage, most shared for 24 hours, and had a big banner), Associated Press, AFP, Guardian (with a big banner, and a follow-up blog), The Times (inc print edition, and online banner), The Telegraph (inc print edition), Daily Mail (inc print edition), Financial Times, Michal wrote an FT op-ed (which got into the print edition), Forbes, The Independent, The Washington Post, Wall St Journal, USA Today (including on Top News section), Fox News, Los Angeles Times, Sydney Morning Herald,, NPR, TIME Magazine, New Yorker, New Scientist, Science Magazine News, CBC News, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Cosmo, Marie Claire, The Express, MSN Now (and 'Editors Pick'), Toronto Star (inc print edition), NBC (inc front page), Yahoo News, The Atlantic, Wired, International Business Times, front page of Google News, The Telegraph India, Hindustan Times, Bankok Post,, Yahoo! News Singapore, Sky News Australia, New Zealand Herald, South China Morning Post

Non-English Coverage:
El Mundo, Yahoo HK Front Page, Goukr, IBTimes China, BBC Persia, Dziennik Internautow front page, front page,, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Heise Online, Die Presse, BioBioChile, UOL Noticias, 20, L'Expansion, La Depeche,


Conan O'Brien joked about our results (18+), Comedy Central tweeted them, and then had a segment about them on the Colbert Report TV show.


Top 10 most influential papers of 2013 by Altmetric, Nieman Journalism Lab highlight of 2013.