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David StillwellDr. David Stillwell

Lecturer in Big Data Analytics and Quantitative Social Science
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Deputy Director
The Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge

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While researching for my PhD in cognitive decision-making, I founded and programmed a Facebook application called myPersonality that provides real psychological questionnaires and gives users feedback on their results. More than 6 million individuals have taken a questionnaire. As Deputy Director of the Psychometrics Centre in Cambridge University I currently collaborate with researchers in different disciplines to mine the myPersonality database for interesting research findings. In future I would like to combine cognitive research with online research methods in order to measure individual differences in cognition on a large scale.

I am open to working with commercial companies, both to put research findings into practice and to take advantage of the different resources that companies can bring to bear on research problems. I collaborate with the machine learning group at Microsoft Research, and I also created a digital exhibit called Mirror with creative agency RKCR/Y&R for the National Media Museum. I am a founder of a startup which improves marketing by adding an understanding of the personality of customers, and I have spoken at several business conferences on this topic.

I interviewed on CNN, Sky News, and various radio stations including BBC World Business Report about my Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences article linking Facebook Likes with intimate personal traits [watch coverage]. The article was listed in the top 10 most influential papers of 2013 by Altmetric.

2015 - Present Lecturer in Big Data Analytics and Quantitative Social Science
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
2014 - Present Deputy Director
The Psychometrics Centre, University of Cambridge
2012 - 2014 Research Associate
The Psychometrics Centre, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge
2008 - 2011 Ph.D. in the area of decision-making [Thesis]
Funded by a European Social Research Council (ESRC) Studentship
School of Psychology, University of Nottingham with Dr Richard Tunney
2007 - 2008 M.Sc. (with merit) Psychological Research Methods
Funded by a European Social Research Council (ESRC) Studentship
School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
2004 - 2007 B.Sc. Hons (first class) Psychology
School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
2007 - 2012 Founder and Developer of web application myPersonality
Installed by millions of users worldwide.
2004 - 2012 Freelance Web Designer
Sites such as Q-Active, Midlands Nordic Walking, Linda's Nailz and Beauty, and Handmade By Hannah.
Feb - Apr 2011 Consultant for Microsoft Research in Cambridge
Creating an app to explore online data collection for behavioral game theory, supervised by Thore Graepel in the machine learning group.
2007 Consultant to Taptu Ltd
Set up and optimised their Facebook application promoting their mobile search

Peer Reviewed Journal/Conference Publications

Kosinski, M., Matz, S., Gosling, S., Popov, V., Stillwell, D. (in press). Facebook as a Social Science Research Tool: Opportunities, Challenges, Ethical Considerations and Practical Guidelines. American Psychologist.

Aghaee, S., Blackwell, A., Kosinski, M. & Stillwell D. (in press). Personality and Intrinsic Motivational Factors in End-User Programming. Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC).

Liu, P., Tov, W., Kosinski, M., Stillwell, D.J. & Qiu, L. (in press) Do Facebook Status Updates Reflect Subjective Well-being? Valence and Time Matter, Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.

Greenberg, D.M., Baron-Cohen, S., Stillwell, D.J., Kosinski, M. & Rentfrow, P.J. (2015) Musical Preferences are Linked to Cognitive Styles. PLoS ONE

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Boyd, R. L., Wilson, S. R., Pennebaker, J. W., Kosinski, M., Stillwell, D. J., & Mihalcea, R. (in press) Values in words: Using language to evaluate and understand personal values. Proceedings of the International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM).

Youyou, W., Kosinski, M. & Stillwell, D. (2015) Computer-based personality judgments are more accurate than those made by humans. Proceedings Of The National Academy of Sciences of the USA. [Link]

Wilmot, M.P., DeYoung C.G., Stillwell, D. & Kosinski, M. (2015) Self-Monitoring and the Metatraits. Journal of Personality. [Link]

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Schwartz, A.H., Eichstaedt, J., Kern, M.L., Park, G., Sap, M., Stillwell, D.J., Kosinski, M. & Ungar, L. (2014) Towards Assessing Changes in Degree of Depression through Facebook. ACL2014 Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology.

He, Q. Glas, C.A.W., Kosinski, M., Stillwell, D.J. & Veldkamp, B.P. (2014) Predicting self-monitoring skills using textual posts on Facebook. Computers in Human Behavior. [Link]

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Bachrach, Y., Kosinski, M., Graepel, T., Kohli, P., & Stillwell, D. (2012) Personality and Patterns of Facebook Usage. ACM WebSci 2012. Accepted as oral presentation. One of four finalists for best paper award. [Link]

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Stillwell, D.J. & Tunney, R.J. (2009). Melioration behaviour in the Harvard Game is reduced by simplifying decision outcomes. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62, 2252-2261. [link]
NB: I have made the simplified Harvard Game program available for download.

Selected Academic Talks

Stillwell, D.J. (2015) Insights on a happy life from big data. Keynote for 3rd China International Conference on Positive Psychology, Tsinghua University, Beijing (July).

Stillwell, D.J. (2014) Can digital footprints replace personality testing? Social Media Workshop: Scientific Research from Brain to Behavior, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany (October).

Stillwell, D.J. (2014) myPersonality: Example of successful online social network data collection from 6 million people. Stirling Behavioural Sciences ESRC Workshop, University of Stirling (May).

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Greenberg, D. M., Baron-Cohen, S., Stillwell, D. J., Kosinski, M., & Rentfrow, P. J. (2015, February). Musical preferences linked to empathizing-systemizing cognitive styles. Poster presented at the 16th annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Long Beach, CA.

Stillwell, D.J. & Kosinski, M. (2012) myPersonality project: Use of online social networks for large-scale social research. 1st ACM Workshop on Mobile Systems for Computational Social Science. MobiSys 2012, UK [View Summary Paper| View Poster]

Rife, S.C., Mickelson K.D., Kosinski, M., Stillwell, D.J. (2012) Facebook Networks and Population Parameters. International Association for Relationship Research, Chicago. [View Poster]

Sun, L., Cek, I., Spindler, S. A. K., Stillwell, D., Kosinski, M. & Rust, J. (2011) Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the 100-item IPIP measure on a large Facebook dataset. International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS), Hong Kong.

Stillwell, D.J., Kosinski, M., & Tunney, R.J. (2011) You are what you like. Research Showcase finalist, Nottingham University. [View Poster]

Stillwell, D.J., Bibby, P., & Tunney, R.J. (2010) Are people happiest living near others like them? Research Showcase finalist, Nottingham University. [View Poster]

Selected Media/Business/Political Events

I gave a TEDx talk at Warwick University called: Online advertising is creepy; it doesn't have to be. (2014).

I was one of the characters depicted in Privacy, a 2014 theatre production at the Donmar Warehouse by James Graham.

I was profiled as one of the top 30 thinkers under 30 by Pacific Standard Magazine.

I spoke on the future of the Internet at the European Parliament for the European Internet Foundation (2013).

An article I co-authored, 'Private traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior', published in PNAS, got a lot of press coverage, on the BBC and in all major newspapers. I also interviewed about the results on CNN and on various radio stations (2013).

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Professional Qualifications

Level A and B certificates of competence in occupational testing (ability tests, and personality tests using the NEO-PI-R). Issued by the British Psychological Society.

Recent Teaching Experience & Professional Service

Program Committee member for Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology workshop at ACL 2014

Led 3-day workshop on Computer-adaptive testing and Item Response Theory in Istanbul for Bahcesehir University (2013)

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